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The most reliable choice for your security!



With nearly 30 years of experience in the security industry and over 20,000 installations across Greece, AXXON SECURITY aims to provide high-level services, utilizing top-quality products.



The excellent technological products, specialized personnel, and continuous and rigorous service checks, unquestionably establish AXXON SECURITY as the most reliable choice for your security!



The primary goal of AXXON SECURITY is to provide the highest levels of protection to individuals and professional consumers across Greece, addressing space security with the necessary attention!

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Security alarm systems

Integrated security systems certified by ISO 9001- Quality Management System following high standards demands and quality specifications.

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Access Control

Advance system applications that allow companies to manage access control in spaces.

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 The video and audio recording systems used by AXXON SECURITY, provide the maximum possible range of recording and facial recognition, 24 hours per day.

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Fire detection systems that are able to be connected with the Central Monitoring Station for maximum security and protection for every residential or business.

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Additional Services

AXXON SECURITY’s core competency refers to the most effective and reliable hardware and software implementations around the spectrum of security or other applications related to the protection of each place.

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Central Monitoring Station

AXXON SECURITY has a state-of-the-art, well-equipped and specially designed Central Control Station, staffed by experienced and trained personnel, operating on a 24-hour basis, every day and all year round.

Home Solutions

  • Security Systems

  • Closed-Circuit TV Camera Monitoring (CCTV)

  • Intercom Systems

  • Inter- communications

  • Smart Home

Business Solutions

  • Security Systems

  • Access Control

  • Fire Alarm

  • Integrations

  • Networks

  • Closed-Circuit TV Camera Monitoring (CCTV)

Security and 24/7 Service Provision

What does it mean for a system to be connected to the central monitoring station? Installing a security system without any support does not utilize its full potential, as its operation will be only at a local level. Comprehensive and proper coverage is provided by connecting the system to the Central Station, allowing you to protect yourself from unwanted "intruders" with just one button, without putting your life at risk.


Can you imagine how our lives would be if there was no fear when we go to sleep, when we are about to take a bath, when we watch a movie at night, or even when we are away from our home? Daily, we face dozens of problems, certainly, none of us wants to worry about their safety. Thus, the protection of our property and our family must not be a part of our everyday problems. That is the reason why the installation of a security system has become demanding for everyone. Last but not least according to research, houses without an alarm system are 300% more likely to be robbed.
A security system should be friendly to the user because it is addressed to each of us, regardless of age. So, do not worry! You do not have to be tech-savvy, the only thing that every individual needs to remember is their 4-digit personal code. The certified & award-winning technological products of AXXON SECURITY are user-friendly as the main goal of the company is immediate security without difficulties or complicated applications.
For a security system to be 100% effective, a complete study of the premises should be done. Through this study, our fully trained personnel will record all the vulnerabilities of the place. Also, during their investigation, they are going to propose a customized solution for your place.
The final cost of a security system is adjusted according to the space. To be more exact, the price is formed based on the size of the place, its “openings”, and its general coverage needs.
The only thing that a home security system needs is to replace the batteries during the scheduled dates. AXXON SECURITY’s products have a 2-year operating warranty, also the reminder for the batteries is going to be done by our company. Last but not least, along with replacing the batteries, AXXON SECURITY offers a holistic status check of the system to ensure its proper operation.

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Contact a representative of us and inquire about the free study of your space. A visit to your premises for accurate identification of vulnerable points is crucial, as AXXON SECURITY aims to install a fully functional and effective security system.